Ready for your own Cooking Show?
Featuring 15 kitchen vignettes for you to explore
All of the appliances at the Salt & Pepper showroom are displayed in functioning live kitchens, where you can see, feel and explore them in a proper working environment.

We will never present you with endless rows of the same old appliances that leave you fuzzy-headed and bleary-eyed by the similarities and lack of any real differentiating features or options. Essential to every kitchen your appliances shouldn’t just meet your needs but enhance your experience.

When you visit the Salt & Pepper showroom you will quickly see we are not a typical appliance store. (Come to think of it, we aren’t a typical anything store.) Salt and Pepper has partnered with industry leading appliance brands to guarantee that your next major appliance purchase isn’t a weekend marathon of running from one place to the next.

Easy, convenient and in one inspirational location. We believe every aspect of your kitchen should not only work for you but make every moment in that space more enjoyable.

Laundry never ends. It’s true. We’re sorry.
But it can be less of a chore with the right machines. So if you are looking for the easiest way to keep your family’s clothing looking the best, we have you covered. From side-by-side sets to stacking units, today’s washers and dryers are smart, caring and attentive little helpers.
Dirt, dust, fur, feathers, grit, sand, coffee grounds, baking powder, a bag of frozen peas or the kids’ Lego guys.
If it’s on the floor it doesn’t have a chance against our favourite vacuums from Miele.