Outdoor Kitchens
Helping you make the most of our short Canadian summers
At Salt & Pepper we can help you design a dreamy outdoor kitchen. With a live vignette and state of the art products from industry-leading brands like Coyote and Weber, your outdoor oasis may even out-shine your indoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for relaxing, spending time with friends and family, and taking away the stress of everyday cooking. Enjoy grilled to perfection food in the great outdoors! Our partner suppliers also offer complete outdoor living spaces including storage solutions, secondary cooking options, refrigeration and more.


Some of our most popular models…

weber spiritee e210

Weber Spirit e210


Weber smokey mountain cooker from Salt & Pepper, Brantford, Ontario

Weber Smokey Mountain


Weber Summit s420 BBQ

Weber Summit s420


Weber original kettle grill from Salt & Pepper, Brantford, Ontario

Weber Original Kettle 26in


There’s much more to grilling than meets the eye. At Salt & Pepper we are experts in the do’s and don’ts of BBQ’ing. Some great tips, along with a new grill – and your backyard is sure to be the ‘go-to’ destination this summer.