Custom Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets for All Styles, All Tastes, All Moods – Wood, MDF, Thermofoil, Melamine, Acrylic…

Kitchen Cabinets

There is a perfect kitchen for every lifestyle and the kitchen design experts at Salt & Pepper will help you make the most of any space. Choose from our value-conscious factory made cabinets or the extensive offerings of our custom mill workshop. Come in to the Salt & Pepper showroom at the Design Center and explore 15 full scale kitchen vignettes. You can interact with each one and experience first hand their design and function. Teams made up of our kitchen designers, carpenters and project managers have collaborated to bring together the most fashion-forward designs with the functionality every cook dreams of. Let us help you create the perfect dream kitchen and match it to any budget.

Heart of the Home

The kitchen used to be a place of pure utility, hidden from view, with a sole function – food preparation. Long considered a second class citizen in the pecking order of rooms, the North American kitchen is finally taking its rightful place as the heart of the home.Tastefully done, a kitchen remodel can yield up to 70% return on investment. The return is far greater to those who are not planning on selling; but are more focused on enjoying the investment they have in their home.


Meaning “In the now” a contemporary kitchen features clean lines and streamlined finishes. The neutral tones of whites, greys and stainless steel that are popular within this style allow designers to be bold with accent pieces and colours.


As the name implies, a transitional kitchen is indeed in a state of transition. Based on the tried and true elements from the past, yet infused with fresh elements that together take on a uniqueness that defies a singular classification due to the fusion of styles


A catch-all term that can encompass many styles, Country, English and French just to name a few. A traditional kitchen will immerse you in a feeling of the outdoors and will feature a palette of muted, pastel tones. This style will also lean towards greater detail and ornamentation than that of other styles.

Custom Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

Whether you already know what changes you would like to make or you need a few suggestions, Salt & Pepper is your bathroom vanity supplier of choice. We know what it takes to design, manufacture and install beautiful—yet practical—Cabinets, countertops and hardware to transform your bathroom into an oasis.

Professional kitchen installation teams

Counter Tops

Salt & Pepper’s professional kitchen installation teams ensure your new countertop fits precisely – and looks amazing – when included as part of a New Kitchen Re-Design project.

We believe an exquisite counter top surface is the icing on the cake in your NEW KITCHEN! The first step to ensuring your counter top is showcased to its best potential is to start with new, state-of-the-art cabinets: custom-fit and professionally installed by Salt & Pepper. Starting with new cabinets provides a level, sturdy and stylish base so your counter tops perform well while giving your new kitchen that “wow” appeal.

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